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Why Freeze?

There are generally two main reasons to egg freeze, medical or “elective’’ (personal) circumstances. Medical reasons might include impaired ovarian function or  imminent chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer which can affect future fertility. Protecting your fertility before cancer treatment is an important decision. Having a fertility specialist that is skilled and trusted is crucial when considering the right treatment for you. Elective or personal factors such as age and associated declining fertility are another reason women may opt to freeze eggs. Dr Rashi is able to guide you if this is the right choice for your circumstance. 

Fertility Preservation

Egg Freeze

Egg freezing or oocyte vitrfication is a way for women facing medical treatment that will compromise their future fertility to freeze eggs for future use. Dr Rashi has extensive training in fertility preservation working at the Fertility preservation unit at the Royal Womens Hospital, and can facilitate urgent egg freeze where needed prior to commencement of chemotherapy or radiation.  

Embryo Freeze

It is possible to cryopreserve or ‘freeze’ embryos for later use. This is usually done when there are surplus embryos in an IVF cycle. The use of embryos is simple and involves less medications than a fresh cycle. At Genea around 59% of patients who achieved a live birth from a fresh embryo transfer and returned for a frozen transfer have had a second child with just one stimulated IVF cycle. 

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Sperm Freeze

There are many reasons to freeze and store sperm for future use such as cancer treatment, radiation therapy or declining sperm counts. Dr Rashi can assess the need and facilitate sperm freeze and storage for patients through her fertility clinic at Genea. There are various ways this can be used in the future to facilitate conception and pregnancy such as insemination or IVF. 

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Egg Freezing FAQs
Want to know more about protecting and preserving your fertility? Here's a little Q & A to help you stay informed.
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It’s now possible with improvements in medical technologies such as oocyte vitrification to time manage certain aspects of fertility which may give you options in later years.

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