IVF & Other Treatments

Take the guess-work out of your quest to conceive with the most advanced treatments, techniques and technology.
Fertility & IVF Treatments
I'll conduct a detailed assessment for a variety of medical, physical and lifestyle factors that can affect fertility.

Fertility Investigations

Just some of the many options I provide. Have a conversation with your GP to decide the next step that's right for you.
Female Fertility Investigations
  • Antenatal screening bloods
  • Reproductive hormones
  • Serum androgens
  • Metabolic screening
  • Preconception genetic carrier screening.
  • Pelvic ultrasound and fallopian tube testing
  • Serum antimullerian hormone levels
  • Thyroid function
Male Fertility Investigations
  • Detailed semen analysis
  • Male hormones if indicated

All tests are individualised to the couple and may vary between patients.

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My team and I are here to support your every step. You'll feel informed, engaged and confident.

Seeking help with your fertility can be a challenging, even daunting decision. I help you explore the options and understand the specific conditions that suit your situation. Tracking your fertility is just one of the ways I investigate and ultimately aim to enhance your chances.